Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Fish Tank

A couple of years ago we had a fish tank set up downstairs, it was a complete disaster and fish kept dying, so we took it down and stored everything for the day when we would want to try again. If you have been around Karter you know that he is completely obsessed with Elmo, and Elmo has a fish named Dorothy that he really likes too. So being the great Dad that Kristoffer is, he decided to set the fish tank back up for Karter and get him his own Dorothy...in fact, he has 4 Dorothy's! Truth be told, he is actually on his second set of Dorothy's. The first set of 4 we had were from Wal-Mart and they died within a week. Karter also has an algae eater that he named Brownie. The fish tank is a huge hit with him and he always has to know where Brownie is. Saying hello to the fish is the first thing he does every morning and the last thing every night.
Yesterday we were downstairs looking at the fish and I asked Karter to look at mommy and smile...this next series of pictures is what he did....

What a goof!

Kaden was on the floor cooing and smiling the whole time his brother was acting goofy!
Kristoffer and Karter have a night time routine of feeding the fish, here is a little video of them.

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Gramaw T said...

The best part is when Karter wipes his wet hands on Daddy's shirt! Love it! Just a pinch...too cute!!!