Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

Last Saturday it was a beautiful spring day and we decided to head to the zoo for the day. Karter and I went to the zoo a lot last year, but Kristoffer wasn't able to go with us, so we were excited to show him and Kaden around!

Kaden was so great all day and kept looking around at everything!

Karter was very serious when it came to checking out all of the animals, and of course his pointer finger was always working. He was so cute, after he was done looking at one exhibit he would say "next one"!

The main reason we went to the zoo was to check out the farm babies...and so did everyone else, this part of the zoo was crazy!

I'm not a huge fan of goats, so Kristoffer braved the crowds and took Karter into the goat petting is pretty safe to say that he absolutely loved this area. He ran around and touched every goat!

Two of my favorite guys waiting to see the cows!

We had to wait in line for quite a bit to get into the cow barn, and Karter isn't very patient saying "touch it" the whole time!

Kaden finally gave up and passed out in the carry. He was having fun looking around, but didn't enjoy the crowds at the farm and got a little fussy....apparently he is like most of the Gray's I know and doesn't like crowds!

After being able to touch all of the animals at the farm he didn't like it when the animals were behind glass and would ask us to open it.

We couldn't sit still long, because Mr. Cool had more things he wanted to see!

Karter thought he was pretty awesome standing up next to leopards with the big kids!

It was a great family day at the zoo and we were all exhausted at the end of the day!


Emily said...

That last picture is adorable...nothing like falling asleep with shades on reading a good book. He's preparing for the beach!

Gramaw T said...

What cuties you have!!! Love the post!