Friday, April 23, 2010


How cute are these two first thing in the morning?! This morning when Karter heard Kaden on the monitor, he ran into Kaden's room and insisted that Kaden get up and then said "Karter hold". I just love that Karter wants to be around his baby brother!

After our mini photoshoot this morning I was changing Kaden's clothes and looked over at Karter and he was trying to take his clothes off too! When Kaden was "nakey", Karter wanted to be "nakey" (his word for being in just a diaper) too and hold Kaden again. He sure loves Kaden, and here are a few videos of Karter showing his love....

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Gramaw T said...

You could have titled the first video "Arm Wrestling" may have started out holding his hand, but from the ornery look in Karter's eyes, he was using a pretty forceful handhold...ha!

Just wondering how many hundreds (thousands?) of times every day Karter says "Mommy"?

Thanks for sharing these sweet clips of your daily life with two little boys! Love you all!!!