Monday, May 9, 2011

15 Months

This picture pretty much sums up Kado...his nose is always runny, he is almost always pointing/demanding something, and he always has a cute grin on his face! Last Sunday our little "baby" turned 15 months, and the following day (despite all of our weekend excitement) we went to his well-baby appointment with Dr. Richmond. She was impressed with his development and she said he could do things beyond the 15 month milestones. Last week he weighed in at 34 lbs 14 oz (80th Percentile) and was 34 inches long (off the charts!!). He is definitely a growing boy, and actually weights 3.9 lbs more than Karter did at 16 months! As Dr. R was checking Kaden out, she discovered his left ear was full of fluid. She asked is he had been any more fussy than normal, and my mind instantly flashed back to our terrible experience with Kaden at the Beef House. Luckily we had our normally scheduled program, otherwise we would have not none he had an ear infection. After a week on the antibiotics he is doing much better, and seems to be sleeping and acting more like our normal boy. During his appointment he also had to get 3 shots, but took them like a champ. Of course, who wouldn't with a big brother like Karter soothing him!!

Here is a little list of what Kaden is up to these days...

  • Kaden is still a lover of food!! He eats three good meals a day with a couple of snacks. He is very demanding when it comes to his food, and if you even mention eating, you had better feed him. In addition to him being demanding, he is also a very independent boy, and insists on feeding himself. Over the last few weeks we have been trying to get him to use a fork or spoon, and he is improving. By the end of each meal he is usually back to eating with his hands though. He will eat just about anything, but his favorite foods are any kind of fruit.

  • His all time favorite thing to do is READ! And talk about demanding...if you even think about sitting on the couch, he automatically gets a book and says "book, Book, BOOK, BOOK!!!" until you eventually read the book. He is super cute about it, and will look through the cabinet until he finds just the book he is looking for! He loves for anyone to read to him, but definitely prefers when Papaw does.

  • He knows almost all of the animals and can point them out in the books, and he even tries to say them. And then, of course, tries to make their sound.

  • He is always making a noise of some sort. When he plays cars with Karter he makes the cars/tractors/fire trucks make sounds. He is obsessed with all kinds of vehicles, and is really good at pointing them out while we are driving down the road. If he points them out, he will keep repeating it until someone acknowledges that he said it!

  • Everyday Kaden impresses us with something , and here are a few of his other favorite things...waving, kissing, playing basketball, swinging, watching the fish, helping wash the eggs, brushing his teeth, loving on pestering Rascal, and messing up whatever Karter is doing!!

Our boy is such a sweet, loving little guy and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. We love our Kado!!


Gramaw and Papaw said...

Completely adorable!!! This child will live life to the fullest, with gusto and passion and's going to be fun watching him grow up and see what great plans God has in store for him. Love, love, LOVE YOU, Kaden!!!

Kyler said...

Yeps, pretty much sums up Mr. Kado. Growing up quickly