Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Recap

Finding the time to post lately has been a challenge. Usually during nap time I have other project I am working on (cookies or work for the church)...or some times I just want to relax and catch up on the DVR. Although finding the time is a struggle, coming up with material isn't! When you have two cutie pies running around, there is always something to talk about!! Here is a picture filled post of our last few weeks...

We have been on a spending spree of sorts. In one day we bought a new van and replaced almost everything we lost in our old one. Thankfully, our insurance was great and they worked hard to get our money to us so we could go out and replace our old stuff...but it was still tough spending so much in one day!! Well, ok it wasn't that tough, but it will be hard to swallow when we get our credit card statement!

After we got the new van, the first thing we needed to get were new car seats. We are still very loyal to Target, but the Target's around here just don't compare to what we are used to. We went on our shopping spree at a Super in Indy and their car seat selection was in maybe half an aisle. We really wanted to just buy two car seats like Karter's old one, now that Kaden is big enough for that kind of seat, but they didn't carry that kind. However, they did have the Graco Nautilus, which I have been eyeing every since Jonah got one a couple years ago. It is a super nice seat, they had two of them and it was on sale (or so I thought).

My early bird Kado was up the morning I was putting them together and he seemed to really enjoy his new seat!

When Karter woke up, he had to have his morning milk in his new seat too....I'm not sure why he has Kaden's milk.


Why does Karter look so happy? Oh that is because he just mixed two of his favorite things....eating icing when mommy is making cookies (see the red on his check) and watching cartoons in the morning!


The bathrooms upstairs are not the best place to try to take a picture, but I couldn't resist watching Karter brush his teeth. He is getting really good at it, and just this week he has started using "daddy's toothpaste". He is a very good spitter, so we thought it was safe to move him to real toothpaste.

Just look at those eyes...he is loving being carried by Daddy!!!


L.A.Z.Y. Our dog is the laziest dog in the world. This is how he can be found pretty much any time throughout the day...unless of course someone is coming over, and then he has to act crazy!

He hates it when we disturb his slumber, but we think it is funny!

We know why he escapes to the upstairs...he trying to hid from Mr. Destructo, I mean Kado!


How cute is that!? One day this week Kaden just started walking like that. He stands like that too, and I don't even think he notices what he is doing.

What a cutie!!!

Of course, Karter saw me taking pictures of Kaden and had to do the same thing. He is really in a phase now that if Kaden does something and gets attention (positive or negative), has has to do it too. It is very frustrating, because the things he does he clearly knows he should not be doing.

But sometimes he is stinkin' cute when he does! Karter is looking so big lately, how is he going to be 3 in just a few weeks!?


Kaden has all kinds of personality!! He can go from sweet as can be to through a crazy tantrum and back again in the blink of an eye. He can be summed up in one word...dramatic!! But oh man, does this little guy melt my heart!!!


Brothers! These two are two of the loviest little guys, they are always huggin' and moochin' on somebody! Karter likes to sneak up on Kaden and give him a hug, and then announce to the world that he just gave Kade a hug.

Kaden likes to sneak up on Karter too, but most of the time it is to wrestle him!

Kaden is tough! We always say "it's all fun and games, until Kaden doesn't get his way!" He likes to do things on his own terms, and if it doesn't happen the way he thinks it should he let's us all know!

Our boys keep me on my toes...and fill me heart and life with lots of love and joy!!

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