Sunday, May 8, 2011


This was our new van last June, just after we brought it home from the dealership...

...and this is our van today! I don't think this van will ever be proudly displayed in any ones driveway again.

On Thursday, Terry went to Fortville and took pictures of the remains of our van, and I am so glad that she did. During our whole ordeal last week, I was in a car behind two fire trucks with the boys and was pretty secluded from what was happening with our van. It wasn't until I saw the pictures Terry took that I totally grasped what happend. As soon as I saw them my heart sank and I instantly praised God for watching over our family that night!

It's amazing how the front of the van looks somewhat normal.


The front seats of the van.

When we sent our insurance company the title, we also had to send in a copy of the key. However, since there isn't a steering wheel left, I don't think that this van will ever be driven again!!

You can't even tell where Karter's seat was....

...or Kaden's! :(

Blown tire.

No Tire!

There are only a few things that we were able to recognize in the pictures. This is right behind the passenger seat, where I had my large utility tote filled with diapers and some of the boys clothes. Here you can see the metal frame of my bag, the polka dots on Kado's diapers, and a couple small swatches of their shirts.

The firefighters were taking bets as to what this was, and it turned out to be the handles from our umbrella stroller.

It is still hard to believe that this happened to our family....but the most important thing is that we all got out safe!!!


Kara said...

Wow. That van is just unrecognizable. Again, I'm so glad that you're all ok. Kado's little polka dot diapers look so out of place. See you soon!! I need a date with both of your boys.

Gramaw T said...

God is SO GOOD!!!!!!

Sherry said...

Wow is all I can say. God was watching over all of you. I am so glad you are safe!!!

Anique said...

These pictures are hard to look at...God is SO good. Thanks for sharing and we're so glad everyone is safe through that experience.