Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fishing with Daddy

This year we celebrated Memorial Day like few other people...we got up early and butchered 37 chickens. I know, try not to be too jealous!! Kristoffer had promised Karter if he was good for cousin Paige while we worked, they could go fishing afterwards.

Karter was pretty excited to go fishing for the first time.

After Kristoffer taught him some of the basics, he let Karter hold the pole for awhile.

What a big boy!

I took Kaden around to the front of Papaw Kenny's house, while Karter and Daddy did their fishing. After awhile I heard Karter yelling for me, and saying he had something to show me. He was so proud of his first catch! ( I LOVE this picture!!!)

Not bad for his first time!

He wasn't so sure about actually touching the fish. He said it was "too wiggly".

Two other times I heard my sweet boy calling my name, eager to show me his latest catch. On the third fish he was extra excited, because Daddy let him cast the line for that one. What a special time between Karter and Daddy!!

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Gramaw T said...

Special moments...so glad you captured them in such great photos!