Monday, May 23, 2011

His God Given Talent

Karter is a singer! He is always singing...sometimes they are real songs, and other times he just makes up his own words. On Sunday, our church had its annual talent show. We weren't sure we were even going to go, but after church some people were in the sanctuary practicing when I heard Karter's voice coming over the loud speaker. He was proudly holding a microphone and belting out "Jesus Loves Me".

He was so proud of himself and the few people in the room were clapping...he clearly loved being on stage. So that answered whether or not we were going to the talent show. Not only did we go, but Karter was the second act. He was going to sing two songs, but at the last minute he changed up his set and only sang one...the best fight song in the world...the IU fight song!

He did AMAZING! What a little ham!

We had a little technical difficulties during the show, and weren't able to record Karter's performance. However, Karter decided to have a repeat performance for us when we got home...actually, he has been singing it ALL. DAY. LONG!!

What a little performer...


Lauren said...

Oh man that is the cutest thing EVER! What good parents you are that he can sing the IU fight song. I need to make sure my daughter knows it too! GO HOOSIERS!

Kyler said...

Loving the monotone rhythm. Awesome song to learn, though.