Friday, April 17, 2009

10 Month Well-baby

The doctor confirmed what we already knew...Karter is a thriving little boy! As soon as the wonderful Dr. McKenzie came into the room, she commented on how big and OLD Karter looked. She was impressed by his development and also noticed that he is in fact all boy....he destroyed the paper lining on the exam table. We got the all clear to go ahead and start introducing him to whole milk...pretty exciting for mama! Here were his stats for today...22lbs (62%) and 32inches long (95%). He has only gained 3lbs since our last visit, so his percentage went down, but she wasn't concerned because he is so active and it is normal for babies to not gain as much once the start moving more. Last night we were guessing his weight and we both guessed over 25, but then commented that it was probably less because his legs are getting skinny! It was a quick and pleasant visit...we got out without any shots today!

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Grandma T said...

Absolutely PERFECT...just like we knew he was!