Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Karter is finally starting to cut some teeth! Yesterday, our normally very calm and easy going baby was super cranky! I would try to rock him for his normal nap time and he would just scream at me. It wasn't his "I don't want to lay down" fuss, it was more of "this REALLY hurts mom, help me!". After fighting him to get my finger in his mouth, I felt his bottom gum and he has a little tooth starting to poke through!! When I would put any pressure on his gums, his screams intensified!! I tried Orajel and Tylenol, both didn't do much to help his situation. Because of the pain he didn't nap at all yesterday afternoon and was overly dramatic as a result of it. Sorry, no picture of it, you've got to be crazy if you think he is going to open his mouth to let me see! After I pressed on his gums, I ruined any chances I had of him letting me look in his mouth again!

We are pretty happy that he is finally getting some teeth!! An added bonus, the pain makes him extra cuddly today!


Grandma T said...

Hurray! I'm glad he's cranky this week instead of last when I was there...ha! Just cuddle today, this too will pass. Can't wait to see a photo of that shiny white tooth!

Mom said...

Yeah he's catching up with Jonah. Terry's right, just cuddle him and enjoy....even if it makes for a trying day.