Monday, April 27, 2009

Messy Eater!

Watching Karter eat is quite funny! At the end of every meal he has to get scrubbed down. There is always food ALL over his face, behind his ears and in his hair. He loves to make the mess, but hates to be wiped down.

This is him actually eating a little better than usual. Usually, he grabs a piece of food with his big hand and tries to shove the whole thing in his mouth. And don't even think about helping Mr. Independent out, he can do it himself!

He's a great eater! On today's menu...vegetable soup (minus the soup, he just eats the veggies), hummus with a little pita, applesauce, a few puffs and of course milk. I think he would have eaten more if I hadn't of cut him off....but he had eaten a lot of food already.

Check out that tooth!! It is probably half of the way in and the one next to it is ready to poke through at anytime.

Hey Karter, you have a little something on your face! I love my messy boy!

1 comment:

Grandma T said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful child (if I do say so myself!). Love the shiny new tooth!!!