Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Visitors = More Fun

Our house is empty again, leaving us only with the great memories we made this past weekend with our most recent visitors. Aunt Emily is on Spring Break this week and asked Grandma Terry is she wanted to come up here to visit us, of course, Grandma T jumped at the chance! We loved having them here, and it was fun to watch Karter play with them.

Grandma and Auntie Em came bearing gifts. Karter (thankfully) now has some new can only read the same books so many times!...and some cute new clothes. Karter loved it when Emily would read to him and all the funny noises she would make!

Thank you for coming to visit us...we loved having you! Karter can't wait to snuggle with you some more!!

**Pictures by Terry Gray**

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Grandma T said...

We LOVED being with you all! And...I can't claim to take the last had to be you or Emily! :)

Sunny and 65 degrees here today...wonderful!