Tuesday, August 18, 2009

14 Months!

Sorry for the lack of posts, we have been busy around our house with some new things brewing for the Gray's (more on that later). With all of our business, we couldn't forget to celebrate our little man's 14 month birthday on Sunday! Karter is growing up so quickly and becoming quite the character! Here are a few things he has been up too...

  • RUNNING! Karter never stops, he is always running around the house. Poor Rascal, he is usually chasing him.
  • Playing with toys. Over the last month he has actually started to play with his toys (for their actual purpose). His favorite things to play with are cars, phones and balls. He will get down on all 4's and push a car around the living room...it is so cute! He almost always has a ball in his hand and will chuck it at just about anything/anyone. Sorry Grandma Terry, most of the time it is one of Rascal's balls he is carrying! The cutest thing (in my unbiased opinion) is to watch Karter play with a phone (or remote) he walks around with it up to his mouth and ear "talking". So stinking cute.
  • Waving! He still thinks his life is a parade and will wave at just about anyone or anything. My favorite wave is when I lay him down in his bed and tell him goodnight and he waves night-night at me! Dare I say it...so cute!
  • Hugging and Kissing. Karterman is a lover! He is always giving smooches, again to just about anything you tell him to. We are trying to teach him where the baby is, and he will come over and lift up my shirt and wave and kiss my belly...again, stinking cute! Sorry, we will not be doing any demonstrations in front of people!
  • Whining! Between 6-6:30pm continue to be our roughest time of the day. Daddy isn't home from work yet and mommy is trying to cook dinner. Karter starts to whine and insist on being picked up, and he doesn't give up! He is starting to get old enough to where I can sit him on one of the stools and he will happily watch what I am doing. He just wants to be in the middle of everything.
  • Most of the time he is so happy, but he is starting to really show what he likes and doesn't like. Some major fits have occurred when we've told him no or tried to get him to stop doing something. Most of the time his little jaw will tighten up, he stares at you and hangs on to whatever he has in his hand with all of his might...can you say stubborn! Most of the time major screams and crying occur too, but he can easily be distracted.
  • He is still a very good sleeper and has started to sleep until 7am or after....which I really like! Although, with sleeping later, he has started to drop his morning nap and then sleep longer in the afternoon.
  • Eating hasn't ever been a problem for Karter, and he continues to be a champion eater. He is going through a phase now to where he doesn't eat that much, but doesn't seem to be hungry outside of meal time, so we aren't worried. He has been off of the bottle for probably 2 months now, and just recently we started giving him some juice in cup, which he loves!
  • This next little Karterman fact will probably embarrass him if he ever reads it, but I must document what is going on in his life! The poor little guy has had a very irritated bottom ever since vacation. We thought it was a reaction to the salt water and sand, but he still has it. The doctor doesn't think it is anything serious, because it gets better sometimes. We are just watching it and keeping creams on it and hopefully it will get better soon.
Wow, this turned into quite the list, congratulations if you made it all the way through!

Happy 14 months, Karter!


Grandma T said...

Quite the little personality! He's such a lover, and cute as the dickens! Happy 14-month Bday, Tunkin!

Kamaron said...

i like that he is always holding a ball. kid is gonna be an athlete. by the way, is it just me or does anyone else want to know what is brewing in the Minnesota Gray household?!

Anique said...

Love all the details dana! I know we are so amazed at how fast he is developing. I hope you are doing well with the pregnancy as well Dana!

Kyler said...

Can't believe he is already 14 months old! Your baby is growing up...