Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Times: Part II

Monday was another fun filled day with Kyler and Kara! We packed up our lunch and headed to the Minnesota Zoo.

Karter always has his picture taken by this is amazing how much he has changed in the 5 months we have been coming to the zoo!

As always, Karterman loved the aquarium!

New to the zoo is a butterfly garden. None of us had been inside one before and it was really neat to be surrounded by so many butterflies.

Karter always wanted to break the #1 not touch the butterflies. Luckily, Uncle Kyler was there to keep him in line!

At the farm, Uncle Kyler took Karter in to see the goats. Mommy didn't want him to actually touch any goats though!

We were all ready for a little break, so we decided to watch the cow milking demonstration.

Charlotte is a very well trained cow and didn't mind having an audience during her milking!

Karter missed the last couple of exhibits because he passed out. By the time the rest of us finished looking at everything, we were ready to do the same thing!

Tuesday was another day of exploring, but unfortunately this is the only picture I took! After lunch we went to the Mall of America and then to IKEA. After we had walked all we thought we could, we headed downtown to meet Kristoffer at work and check out his new team. He had a little bit of work to do before he could leave, and Karter wasn't very happy daddy wouldn't pay any attention to him! After we finally found a place to eat dinner, we headed back home for ice cream sundaes and an intense game of Operation!

Kyler and Kara took off after breakfast on Wednesday headed south to visit the KC Grays! Thanks for coming to visit us, we had a fantastic time!!


Your favorite MIL said...

Thanks for your hospitality! I know Kyler and Kara had a ball visiting you. Love you!

Kyler and Kara said...

Thanks again for the fun times. By the way, we think Kristoffer has a future in the tour guide business (but not in the surgery room). Thanks for the trip to the zoo and our other adventures!