Friday, August 14, 2009

Silly Boy

It is no secret, I love corn on the cob, especially when it is homegrown! My wonderful father-in-law knows this little fact about me, so when our guests arrived on Saturday they came bearing gifts...a bag full of Indiana sweetcorn and 2 dozen eggs.

We have tried all summer to get Karter to eat fresh corn, but we usually just cut it of the cob for him. Apparently he knows that corn just tastes better when it's still on the cob!

He has his technique down, no hands necessary!


Grandma T said...

That is SO ADORABLE!!! Grandpa Kim will love it too! He is so sweet...thanks for sharing!

Kyler said...

I love the no hands approach...much better to see in person.

Grandma M said...

Looks like Terry needs to add another method of corn eating to her list. If Karter likes corn as well as his Mom, Kris will need to plant acres of it next year!

Anique said...

This is too funny, he just said forget about the hands lets jump straight to eating and face planted into the corn! Adorable. Glad you guys are sharing the cuteness with us all!