Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekend in Bloomington

We spent this past weekend in Indiana, celebrating Kristoffer's brother, Kamaron, getting married. It was a very crazy couple of days, but was worth it to see how happy Kamaron and Anique were.

The wedding took place in one of our favorite towns...Bloomington! We enjoyed the morning before the wedding taking a walk around campus. It was so fun to walk around and see all of the things that have changed in the four years since we've been there. The beautiful walkway above is next to the auditorium, and used to be a muddy road that was always under construction.

Karterman and Daddy enjoyed "playing" the piano next to the auditorium.

Not only is Bloomington where we spent four years getting our degrees, it is also where we fell in love! We met our sophomore year while we both worked at supervisors at the Wright Quad food court.

Kristoffer's version of the story is that we fell in love while flipping burgers at the grill. Totally not true...but I guess he thinks it makes for a pretty good story!

Here is the true story of how our love began...Kristoffer lived in the dorms right across the alley from Wright and he secretly arranged to meet me there after I got off work (at midnight). He offered to walk me back to my dorm, but instead we ended up talking a two hour walk around campus and stopped at the beautiful arboretum to talk until 4am! That is a little more romantic than flipping burgers!

The arboretum has always been a special place for us, and on our walk we took Karter to the exact location that our relationship began!

Karter and Daddy where he spent most of his 4 years of school.

Karter and Mommy where she spent most of her time at school.

Another great thing about visiting Btown, was staying at the Union!. We had a fantastic weekending spending time with our family!

Congratulations Kamaron & Anique!!


Your favorite MIL said...

A wonderful weekend, indeed! Glad you got to spend it with us, and take a walk down memory lane on the beautiful IU campus!

Love you!

Kyler said...

Love the picture of Karter, Kristoffer, and Hoagy playing the piano. Great to see you guys again....and see you soon!