Monday, August 31, 2009

The Great Minnesota Get Together!

On Sunday we were super excited to head to St. Paul for the "Great Minnesota Get Together!"

We braved the crowds to see all the we could.

There were somethings poor little Karter just couldn't see! This was the animal birthing center and it was so crowded, none of us could see anything. There was a calf being born while we were there, so everyone at the fair wanted to see it.

Kristoffer and I were most excited to go to the livestock barns and let Karter walk around and pet the animals.

He absolutely loved it! He would run from stall to stall pointing at all the different animals, always looking up to make sure we saw it too!

Daddy loved showing him the sheep.

I am a proud 10 year 4-Her, and MN is lacking in the 4-H participation!! During my 10 years I ALWAYS did clothing and this is the clothing section at the MN fair. There are only four racks of clothes and over half of them are what they call "Clothes You Buy" (aka Flash with Cash). I was totally disappointed!

Aren't these two just the cutest things!

This is Deano, and he is Minnesota's largest boar weighting in at 1310 lbs. I think someone needs a little exercise!

Keeping with the large theme...this is Minnesota's largest pumpkin and it weights 1186 lbs. Good luck carving it!

Princess Kay of the Milky Way is a pageant that is put on by the Midwest Dairy Association. It is a tradition to have Princess Kay (that is not the actual princess' name) and her court's heads carved into butter.

Being from Indiana, we are very partial to the Indiana State Fair...and this is no Indiana State Fair. People don't really go to this fair to see 4-H exhibits...they go to EAT! So, eat we did! He had our fair share of fried foods, but Kristoffer enjoyed his macaroni and cheese on a stick first!

Sweet Martha's cookies are a big deal at the state fair, so we also had to eat some fresh chocolate chip cookies!

The popular thing to get at Sweet Martha's is the bucket of cookies, but we didn't think we "needed" that many cookies. We settled for a funnel of cookies, which they probably stuffed 20 cookies into!!

We finished off our day at the fair with the daily parade. We just happened to be there the day that the U of M cheerleaders and marching band were there.

Who knew band geeks could do toe-touches!? I was a little out of it when the band went by and was playing "some" song, it turned out to be Minnesota's school song. Oops, guys I don't know the fight song!

Goldy was even in the parade!

Karter LOVED watching everything in the parade, he clapped and waved at EVERYTHING!

And Princess Kay of the Milky Way waving at her people.

Our very own Hastings HS also happened to be in the parade yesterday!

This guy looks kind of creepy if you ask me, but he was a huge hit with the Viking fans in the crowd.

SPAMIE! After our trip to Austin in May, Spam holds a special place in our hearts.

We left the fair tired and very full! It was a great day for the three of us to spend today enjoying a Minnesotan tradition.


Terry said...

Wonderful photos and post, Dana! Looks like a fun day. Karter was so focused...looks like he enjoyed every minute of it!

Thanks for sharing! Love you all!

Kyler said...

Fun, fun at the fair! I can just picture Dana yelling SPAMIE! as the large salted meat can walked by.

Emily said...

That was a HUGE pumpkin! Looked fun but definately crowded.

Kamaron said...

mac and cheese on a stick. no matter what state you are in, it's always redneck country at the fair.