Thursday, May 27, 2010

Backyard Makeover

This is what our backyard looked like last fall. It is kind of hard to tell by this picture, but the three trees in the back were not in good shape. Two of them were now straight at all and the other one was the one that had half of it break off two years ago. The broken tree had a huge crack in it and it was only a matter of time before that old tree fell down. Kristoffer posted about having the trees taken down while I was in Indiana and last weekend we started the first step in our three year backyard makeover plan.

Last Friday night we went out to dinner and then had a very romantic date night at Home Depot. As an early Father's Day gift the boys and I had Kristoffer pick out 8 shrubs and 2 trees for the back yard....aren't we generous...haha!

Can you tell Karter was excited to help us out!? With Kaden hanging out in the stroller and Karter ready to "help", we were all set to start transforming our backyard.

Karter had his shovel...

...and was ready to help Daddy dig!

He really wanted to use Daddy's shovel though!

We planted to 8 shrubs first and Karter was really helpful...Kristoffer would dig and Karter and I would plant. Although, when it came time to plant the trees he got a little restless. Kristoffer had to dig bigger holes and Karter's almost 2-year old attention span couldn't handle it. So as any good parents would do...we showed Karter how to dig for worms...haha! As Kristoffer would turn over the new soil, Karter and I would dig for worms and put them in his bucket.

After one tree was planted, Karter and I got the hose to water them and that is when things got messy! The water was freezing cold, but Karter still wanted to be sprayed and was eventually soaking wet and had blue lips! He is definitely ready for some fun in the sprinkler this summer.

This is what our backyard looks like today. Our new trees are looking really good, but don't look too closely at the new shrubs. They are growing great, but that section of the backyard won't look that great until the next phase of the plan is complete. Check back next spring to see the next phase!


Terry said...

Your daddy will be proud, Kristoffer! Looks like a fun family you have to keep them watered...

Kyler said...

Finally got to see the "before" picture of the trees Kristoffer had promised. I'm sure the yard will look great when you are all done.