Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making Progress

We are making great progress in the potty training department. On our trip to Indiana earlier this month we took several steps backwards, partly do to Karter being in a different place and partly because I was in a lot of pain and didn't ask him often enough...potty training is a lot of work!! To help re-motivate Karter into using the "big boy potty" I made him a potty chart. So now, every time he uses the potty he gets one sticker and 2 M&M's...this boy loves his stickers!
Over the past week Karter has made significant progress, we have gone several consecutive days with dry diapers, he has even woken up from naps and bedtime with dry diapers. The only time he has pottied in his diaper has been when he has pooped....(sorry TMI...Karter, please forgive me for sharing this with the world!)...we have yet to poo in the potty! Since Karter has been so great at going potty, yesterday we moved him into big boy undies (aka Up & Up training pants) and he loves them. Next week, when we (hopefully!) don't have to make daily trips to the clinic, he will move into his Handy Manny undies...he will go crazy when that happens!!!


Gramaw T said...

That smile is priceless!!! Gramaw is so proud of her big boy! What a great 2-year birthday present that would be for all involved...completely trained!

Kamaron said...

i still give myself 2 M&Ms after each successful potty. it took me about 14 years to get completely potty trained.