Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bye-Bye Trees

As you avid TGGF readers may remember, we had a bad storm a few years back that tore up some of our trees in the backyard. We have had three very mature and large box elders since we moved into this home - that are three of the only 5-6 mature trees in our neighborhood.

Since that storm, the trees have looked very ugly - there might be more pictures in an upcoming post when Dana has time to find them. Anyway...one of them was also becoming a hazard as it might fall at any moment, causing untold damage to our shed, our neighbor's shed, and potentially either one of our homes.

So...we decided to get rid of the trees. We hired someone that we heard about via word of mouth, and he came out this past Monday to get the trees down. He worked all day - just two men - chopping and cutting and carrying the wood away. I was at work, so no one in our family saw all the hard work they did - but they did an excellent job, grinding the stumps below the ground level and cleaning up the yard as best they could.

When I got home, I ran inside to take some pictures. It felt very odd being a man - very capable of helping these guys out - taking their picture working in my yard. So...I took all of the pictures from inside the house. And I only took a few. :-) Above is their last job of the day, cleaning up debris.

You can see the flash from my camera in the picture above, but here is some of their equipment. The stump grinder is on the left.

Here is their wood chipper (every time I see that word, I think of the movie Fargo).

And here - in both the red truck and the trailer attached to the white truck - is all that is left of our box elders. They will be missed for their shade, but that's about it! Now, we have a big outdoor project deciding how to make our backyard prettier!
I'm most excited to see what Dana thinks when she gets home...it's a pretty incredible sight - making our backyard seem about twice as big as it really is!


Anique and Kamaron said...

that's priceless...hiding out in your home with a camera creeping on these guys who are working in your yard. did you offer them lemonade or something?! haha...just kidding. my words of advice - now that you have some more space in your backyard, don't get carried away with projects like dad does...

Mom said...

I'm sure that makes a huge difference in your yard! I can think of all kinds of cool things you could do!!!