Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kaden's "New" Toy

Kaden is getting so strong lately that we decided to pull out the exersaucer for him to play with. He really seems to like it and I am glad that he has something to sit in that gets him up off the ground. I always feel bad for the poor little guy when I have other things to do he is usually just laying on the activity mat, now he can watch of his favorite things to do!

He can't really play with too many of the toys yet, but he does really like to watch his Big Brother play with the toys. Karter gets that it is Kaden's toy, because he always wants Kaden to sit in it, but he wants to be the one to play with the toys....he says that he is "teaching". A couple of months ago I told Karter that big brothers teach their little brothers how to do things and that has really stuck with him, he will always tell me that he is teaching Kaden something.

When Kaden is down for a nap, Karter likes to do this....just like he did when he was 9 months old....

It won't be long before Karter "teaches" Kaden this trick!!


Gramaw T said...

Oh my goodness...your babies are growing up so fast! Kaden looks different every time I see seems like yesterday when Karter was that age. Two precious sweeties! Love you all!

Emily said...

Love that you have two pictures of Karter doing the same mischevious thing! Can't believe how much he has changed over this year.