Sunday, May 2, 2010

Signs of Spring in Hampton

As you know, Dana, Karter, and Kaden are in Indiana for the next week - which leaves me lonely, but with plenty of time for projects. As I was working outside yesterday, I noticed many signs of Spring in Hampton...below are some signs that the winter doldrums in southeastern Minnesota have given way to warmer weather and sunshine.

The basketball nets are up at the local court. FIrst off, these goals are not ten feet tall. I can touch the they must be around eight and a half feet tall. Plus, no one is EVER on these courts. A sign that you are in Minnesota - hockey country - not Indiana.

The hockey rink is empty. During winter, this rink is always full of ice and ice skaters - usually hockey players playing pick-up games.

It's baseball season! The Hampton Cardinals had their first ballgame today against the rival Miesville Mudhens. It's a little known fact that hometown baseball in Minnesota is a long standing tradition. Every small town has a town team, and their are state playoffs each year as well. In fact, many former pros come back after they retire to play in their hometown.

Here's the field (complete with new bleachers for the 2010 season).

The raspberry bushes are HUGE!

The lilacs are in bloom. Dana was upset that she would be away from town as the lilacs were in full bloom. There is nothing that says Spring like the smell of lilac bushes!

The hostas have poked their way through the soil after a long winter.

And so have the gladiolous.

Our yard is green and dandelion free!

Which is in sharp contrast to our next door neighbor who must sell his dandelion flowers at a farmer's market somewhere...because he literally has a field of them in his front and back yard. It is always a constant battle between our yards in keeping his dandelions our of our yard. Can you tell where the property line is on the photo above?

It is Spring in the upper's to a great Summer!!


Mom said...

Hey...glad you took time to post!!! Keep 'em coming...the Growing Gray Family is part of my daily routine! Love the signs of's been a gorgeous one in Indiana. We still have a few lilacs left for Dana to enjoy.
Love you and wish you could have made the trip too!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Kyler said...

Glad that spring finally made its way up there...I had my doubts...

Anique said...

Wow, they really sell off those dandelions in bulk. Thanks for the post while Dana's off in Indiana!

We are the Butenhoffs... said...

What is your dandelion treatment of choice? Your yard & landscaping looks great!