Monday, September 13, 2010

Kaden Talking

Kristoffer is trying really hard to get Kaden to say "da-da". He takes great pride in the fact that Karter said his name first, and wants Kaden to do the same thing. Kaden isn't much of a babbler, but recently he has started saying a few things and actually did say "da-da" once. We took this short video of Kaden last week, it is so cute to watch his little mouth trying to say the words.


Gramaw T said...

He must have got all his babbling out when he was really tiny! But he sure is trying, and with Karter's coaching from the side he'll be chattering away in no time! Not fair they always say "da-da" when it's "ma-ma" who does most of the caretaking work!!! It must just be easier to say...ha! Love you all!

Kyler said...

He is definitely mouthing the words pretty well. Love the hoodie!

Emily said...

That video is so sweet!