Friday, September 3, 2010

Random August Memories

This summer has flown by, and by the temperature outside today you would think it was already the middle of October. I was organizing my pictures and realized there were a lot of fun things/cute smiles that didn't ever make it into a post. So please bare with me, this post is going to be all over the place!

Kaden got these pj's for Christmas last year (well, actually I got them, seeing as he wasn't born yet!), but sadly he was only able to wear them a couple of times...poor kid, he just keeps getting bigger growing!


Karter got this bowling set for Christmas and has just now gotten really excited about it. We bowl just about every morning...

...and just like his daddy, he wants to make sure his baby brother is clapping for him!


We started giving the boys baths together while we were on vacation and it completely changed our nightly routine. Karter and KAden love to play together in the tub and Karter likes to pretend he is in the ocean!

Kristoffer and I alternate who gives the boys a bath and the other one has to clean the kitchen. It is a pretty good deal, we both get some quality time with the kids and I don't get stuck cleaning the kitchen every morning!

I just love seeing Kristoffer with our babies!
And of course I enjoy my cuddle time with them reading a bedtime story!


Kaden is all smiles, we both couldn't resist having our pictures taken with him!


When it is Karter's idea, he is very willing to share his toys with Kaden. He will say "do you need this baby brother?" all the time. However, when it isn't his idea, we hear "no baby no!"


It is so hard to get Karter to let me take a good picture of him, so I couldn't resist when he insisted I take his picture with my sunglasses on!


Just another cute picture of our happy baby!!


We are all about silly bands in our house. Karter has over twenty of them and is always sporting at least 2 of them. One day daddy thought it would be funny to put them all on Karter's arm!


Could have been a Wordless never know what Karter is going to do next!


Karter is still a great helper in the kitchen, but he really just wants to eat whatever you are making...even if it is just salt!

He liked the salt much better than the carrots.


2 seconds after this picture, he peed on the floor!


Karter is really good at identifying capital letter of the alphabet and making their sounds, but is having a little trouble identifying lower case letters. He is getting much better, but to help I created a little matching game for him.

On little sticky notes we put capital letters on the TV and lower case letter on the coffee table and he had to match them up.

He had such a great time playing our game and got really proud of himself when he would make a match!


I saved this one for last, because my pictures aren't that great...they were taken with our old little camera. A few weeks ago, the boys and I, along with my friend and her two boys were loaded up in her van and heading to the Dakota County Fair. About 2 minutes into the drive it starts pouring down ran. We knew we didn't want to go to the fair, but didn't want to go back home either. Luckily for us it was a Tuesday, and we could go to Toddle Tuesday at the Mall of America and the "big" boys could ride rides for $10. Hands down their favorite ride was the tower one that raises them up and bounces them around. (Our friend Ben is the other little boy in the pic...sorry I cut you off a little Ben!)

They loved it so much, they had to ride it twice!!
August was a great month for us, and I'm sure we will make a lot of great memories in September! Happy Labor Day weekend, we are off to visit the KC Gray's!!


Gramaw T said...

I love all those random, everyday photos! Great post! I do have the MOST ADORABLE grandbabies!!!
Love you all...have fun in KC!

Kyler said...

Looks like a great month. Enjoy KC!