Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's for Breakfast?

This morning I was getting Kaden out of bed and changed, and I asked Karter what he wanted for breakfast. This is part of our morning routine and I still don't know what he is going to ask for, each day he wants something different for breakfast. Today he said he wanted cereal and then he ran out of the nursery. When Kaden and I caught up to him, this is what we found...

He had gotten all of the cereal boxes out and was trying to decide which one he wanted!

He is such a great helper than even after he made his decision (Apple Cinnamon Cheerios), he put all of the other boxes away!


Kyler said...

Apparently, Lucky Charms haven't reach the table yet because once he goes there, he will never go back.

Gramaw T said...

Looks like a pretty healthy selection to choose from! No, I don't put Lucky Charms in the "healthy" category, Kyler. I'd like to try some Apple Cinnamon Cheerios myself, Karter!!!
Love you all!