Friday, May 8, 2009

Afternoon at the Zoo = Lots of Pictures!

Karter's top 2 teeth are coming in and making him a little cranky in the afternoon. So, yesterday I decided after lunch we would head to the zoo to give us both a little break from our normal routine. We made it to the zoo around 2, but I didn't realize that they closed at 4. It worked out great though, all of the school groups were gone and there were many exhibits where we were the only ones there. It was fun being able to take him out of the stroller and let him explore (and get some good photos) without other people around. I'm really glad I have a membership, because I didn't have to worry about seeing everything trying to get my "money's worth".

Without a doubt, Karter's favorite part of the zoo is still the aquariums. It was adorable watching him try to catch the fish. He would walk along the glass reaching for them.

He thought the dolphins were funny.

This boy has no fear....

...he was trying to reach for sharks...

...and didn't even think twice about sticking his hand in to touch a sting ray!

There is a nice playground area between the regular part of the zoo and the farm area. Usually, this area is insane and I would never dream of letting Karter play at the park, but yesterday we were the only ones there! It was great!

Karter didn't think I was getting him back to the top of the slide fast enough, so he decided to try and climb back up himself.

He loved the spinning toys. hands! He loved the park so much, he through a major fit when I put him back in the stroller. It was nothing a little snack couldn't handle though!

He was laughing at all of the goats running and jumping on the tables....that was until this pesky goat tried to steal his Cheerios.

Sharing a little snack with a cow named Daisy.

It was a great day at the zoo with my little man. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get this guy a tissue!

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Grandma T said...

Your photos just make us smile! He is quite the little explorer/adventurer, isn't he?
Very cute!