Monday, May 4, 2009

My Lumberjack

We had such beautiful weather on Saturday, so Kristoffer took advantage of it and did a lot of yard work. Besides mowing the yard and getting the garden ready, he also wanted to chop up some of the wood from the tree that fell in our yard last summer. I helped carry the wood to him and stack it up after he cut it, but my main job was to be his cheerleader. Every time he would split one, I would offer a lot of encouragement. If any of our neighbors heard us they probably thought we were crazy....if they didn't already!

This was his first time using an axe, and he did a great job. The wood wasn't completely dried out, and sometimes the axe would get stuck...very frustrating.

We got about half way through our stack before moving on to the next project. Does anyone want some firewood?


Mpm said...

Were you sore the next day? You need a tan on those arms, son!

Kyler said...

Kenneth Gray would have split that wood in 10 minutes.

Kara said...

Dana this is so funny. Not only that you two probably provided entertainment for the entire neighborhood, but last year everyone on my floor referred to Kyler as the lumberjack. Must be a Gray thing.