Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playing Downstairs

We rarely take Karter downstairs, because he likes to bang on the big screen TV and that scares daddy! However, there are some days when we need to go down there to get things done. Last week while helping mommy do laundry, Karter found fun new place to play. He discovered that he can fit between the couch and wall.

He thought it was hilarious to crawl behind there and then come back. I do have to admit, the first time he did it I had no clue where he was, until I heard him giggling! It was a little scary!

He was laughing the whole time, and wanted mommy to chase him. Sorry honey, but I'm pretty sure mama isn't going to fit back there!

Yes, that is Rascal's ball that he is playing with!

As soon as he would make it to one side....

...he would turn around and do it again. This continued for about 20 minutes!!

Ok, this picture has nothing to do with crawling behind the couch....I just thought it was cute!

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Grandma T said...

EEeewww...get Rascal's nasty ball away from my baby!!! I know...what Grandma doesn't know won't hurt her! ha! Adorable pictures...every day is a new adventure for him. Don't you love it?