Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend Camping Trip

Last Sunday morning, we packed up our Tracker and headed down to Whitewater State Park. We were so excited for this camping trip, because we weren't able to go camping at all last year since Karter was a newborn. Now that he is older, we were crossing our fingers and hoping he would like it! Turns out, he loves it! He has always enjoyed being outside and he thought it was pretty cool to be able to be outside all day and night!

We arrived at the park early Saturday morning and we were ready to hike!

Our first trail was a little more than we thought it would was pretty much a straight up climb, what a way to ease into hiking for the day. It was really pretty view and a nice (pregnant) lady offered to take our picture.

After recovering from our first trail, we just walked along the river and Rascal wasted no time jumping into the river to have a drink. He loves to get in the water and cool down.

The area around the state park experienced a lot of flooding last year, and as a result many of the bridges were washed away leaving no access to some of the trails. So after lunch, we headed out on one of the only other trails we had access to, but didn't see this sign until AFTER the hike!

The trail started off pretty easy, but then it turned into another straight uphill hike.

After yelling in Kristoffer's ear for about 30 minutes, Karter finally fell asleep!

Sometimes the signs weren't very helpful.

The hike turned out to be worth it! The view from the top was amazing.

Right below us on the cliff were about 5-6 vultures. Kind of neat to be at their level.

This is the view on the way down.

After an afternoon of hiking, it was time to set up camp.

Our site was really neat, because it was right on the river. We had some pretty cool views from our tent.

Dana and Rascal playing in the water.

Kristoffer and Karter enjoying the view.

Karter was a great camper! It got pretty cold during the night, but he was all bundled up and didn't notice. He still doesn't know how to keep his blankets on him very well, so we let him snuggle with us halfway through the night.

He thought it was so much fun crawling laps around the tent.

While we were packing up, we had to put him in the pack n play to keep him from getting into everything. He doesn't look too happy!

After a good breakfast, made by daddy, we were all ready to pack up and head home. We are ready for our next adventure in a couple of weeks. If you want to see more pictures from out trip, click here.

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Grandma T said...

Looks like a fun family outing! Great photos! See you in 2 weeks!!!