Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anniversary Weekend - Part 3

On Sunday, we woke up and celebrated my 1st Mother's Day. Kristoffer took care of Karter in the morning so I could get ready for church. Before we left, they surprised me with a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure and a lilac bush (that we still have to purchase). After church, we all changed into our Twins gear and took Karter downtown to his first baseball game! Daddy was pretty excited to share this experience with his son!

Karter was amazed by everything going on. We sat in the first row of the upper deck and he liked standing up to look over the edge (no worries...we were always holding on to him!). He loved being at the game, but the first time the crowd cheered it REALLY scared him. He calmed down after about 5 minutes and then he was good for the rest of the game.

We went to the game with our friends, Brian, Mary and Martha Davis, from church. They are avid Twins fans and were excited for the chance to spend the afternoon with Karter (and us)!

The Twins were playing their third game of the series with the Mariners. Kristoffer's all time favorite player, Ken Griffey Jr., now plays for the Mariners. So he was SO excited that Griffey was the DH for the game.

Karter tried so hard to stay awake for the whole game...

...but eventually he fell asleep on daddy's lap. It doesn't get much cuter than that!!

Kristoffer was really excited when Griffey came up to bat in the 8th inning.

Earlier in the game he had made a prediction that Griffey would hit a home run...he was just a little off on where he said it would hit, but unfortunately Griffey did hit a home run. It sparked a comeback for the Mariners.

We all put on our rally caps and cheered hard for the Twins.

They rallied in the 9th, but not enough to come out on top.

It was a fun game to watch and we had a great time spending the afternoon with the Davis family. The game was an ending to a weekend full of celebrating our love and life well as my 1st Mother's Day! What a fantastic weekend it was!

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Grandma T said...

I didn't even SEE the Twins game post until just now! I was so taken with Karter's Table Manners video, I didn't scroll down far enough, I guess.

He should get an award for the "Cutest Twins Fan!"