Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend!!

This morning I had my very last pump! All of its parts are already washed and stashed away in Karter's closet. I was very happy to say goodbye to my old friend this morning. I truly believe that, when it is available, breast milk is the best thing for babies. I am extremely proud and happy that I have been able to provide for Karter for so long, but am very happy to be done! I spent many hours over the last 10 months with my pump and now that phase is behind us.

Karter is now 100% on whole cow's milk. It was a much easier transition than either of us thought it would be. He gets milk 4 times a day (2 bottles and 2 sippy cups) and we just substituted one of those with cow's milk until they were all changed. He really likes it, and is starting to like it cold.

It was actually a little more emotional for me than I thought t would be when Karter started drinking cow's milk. I think it was just the thought of him not actually relying on me as much anymore...just another sign that our baby is not so much of a baby anymore! When Kristoffer and I talked about it, he said "Yeah, now he relies on me!" Karter is a big boy now, not eating anything that is just for babies. He is 100% on table food and cow's milk.


Jacob said...

I don't know if it is just marketing, but I always thought children were babies for much longer and needed much more babified food and things in general for a long time.

Jonah has been off all baby stuff (ok he takes a single warmed bottle at night, but who doesn't), for a while now. We just cut up he food a little and I think some of that is mostly for cleanliness.

We have started to have him hold a utensil from time to time, but he likes stuff that sticks to them most because he can hold the food upside down.

Emily said...

That's great! Karter is getting so big. Can't wait to see you guys in a month!

Grandma T said...

Life will be SO MUCH EASIER for you now! And won't miss that pump for a second! Don't worry...he'll always rely on his mama. I don't think you'd want him drinking breast milk for the rest of his life, would you now?! ;)