Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy 11 Months!

Karter turned 11 months on Saturday...only one more month until his big party and only one more month until I stop referring to his age in months! He is such a happy baby and is a true joy to be around. Here are a few (ok, probably a lot!) of things that he is up to lately...
  • He talks jibberish ALL day long. His mouth is always making some sort of noise. They only real word he has been able to put together is da-da, and we are working on associating the meaning to that word.
  • Teething - He now has one tooth on the bottom with one more on the way and two teeth on top with two more on the way. He is handling it really well, but has a pretty runny nose when they are coming in.
  • He loves to wave. He will wave at anyone and is quite the flirt when we are at Target waving at the cashiers.
  • He is also very into clapping. He will clap his hands and say yay! SO cute! His favorite show to watch is Jeopardy, and he will clap whenever he hears them clapping on TV.
  • He pulls himself up on anything and is really good at cruising around...walking is just around the corner! For now he is pretty happy with just crawling and he is super fast.
  • Climbing the stairs is his new obsession, it is impossible to be downstairs with him, because he just wants to climb the stairs. He is really good at going up, but doesn't know how to get back down.
  • He hates having his diaper/clothes changed. You practically have to hold him down or follow him around the room to get it done.
  • He points at everything and wants to touch everything. He is getting really good at telling us what he wants....and doesn't want!
  • He is getting pretty clingy to mama. Making dinner has become almost impossible. He starts to get cranky and clingy around 5:30 and it lasts until daddy comes home. Whenever I am in the kitchen he crawls up to me and pulls himself up with my pants and demands that he be picked up. Nothing seems to distract him!!
  • He is a great eater. He has now completely transitioned to table food and cows milk. He eats three good meals and two snacks a day with a sippy cup of milk at each sitting, and then at bed he gets a bottle of milk. Come of his favorite foods are...grapes, fruit strips, pasta, cream of wheat with blueberries, hamburger, cheese, hummus, guacamole, soup and ice cream.
  • He is still a great sleeper. Goes to bed around 8:15 and will sleep until 6:30. On Saturday, he slept until 8:15 and it was fantastic to be able to sleep in!! He also takes 2 great naps during the day.
  • Bath time is still one of his favorite times of the day. He loves to splash and swim laps in the tub! It gets kind of scary sometimes because he also loves to stand up in the tub!
  • He wears all 12-18 month clothes now. We squeezed him into some 9 month pants for church yesterday and they were high-waters on him all day, poor babe! He wears size 4 diapers, but we started putting size 5 on him at night because he was leaking through every night.
  • He loves to explore our faces and poke his finger into our mouths, ears and noses. He also likes to play with my earrings and thankfully he doesn't pull on them.
  • He loves to be outside. He will stare out the window and bang on it when he really wants to go outside. We go for walks 2-3 times a day and play at the park everyday.

If you are still reading this post, you deserve another picture of our little guy! Look closely and you can see his 3 little teeth! Happy 11 months, Karter....we love you!


Jacob said...

You will continue to refer to him in months. Jonah is 17-mo old.

Grandma T said...

You bet we deserve another picture! We just can't get enough of him...what a little boy he's become. Can't WAIT to get my hands on those sweet cheeks!

Jess said...

Happy 11 months Karter! Happy belated anniversary Dana and Kris!
It sounds like you two (Dana and Karter) have a busy day with naps, walks, the park, snacks, and watching Jeopardy! We can't wait to see you.
-Jess and Craig