Friday, May 15, 2009

Date Night!

Last night we hired Karter's favorite (and only) babysitter, Martha, and went out on a date to celebrate our anniversary. I met Kristoffer downtown and we went to one of our favorite places...

The Oceanaire is a rare treat for us and it was great to get dressed up for dinner.

Dinner started off with THE BEST crab cake ever.

Of course for our main dish, Kristoffer had to order something different...marlin. Kristoffer is always adventurous when we go to dinner.

What's a night out without dessert!? Our two desserts did not disappoint. Kristoffer enjoyed a pecan ball...

...and I had raspberry bread pudding. Mmmmm

After our delicious and fun evening out, it was time to go pick Karter up. Although, I'm not sure he was ready to go...or Martha was ready to let him go! He loves spending time (and cuddling) with Martha!

1 comment:

Mom T said...

Looks like a fun night...for everyone! Wish I was close enough to be your babysitter!!!

See you soon!