Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck the Halls

Decorating for Christmas is always a family event in the Gray household. Last night, we enjoyed including Karter in on our family traditions. We have many ornaments that mean a lot to us: our first Christmas together ornament, one for the Indianapolis Colts, a couple Mommy-to-be one's, decoys and a lighthouse from NC and this year we added an ornament for Karter's first Christmas! Karter was fascinated by all of the shiny bulbs and was looking for an way to get them in his mouth! Daddy enjoyed teasing him a little!
In addition to decorating our house, we also helped our Church with the hanging of the greens last Sunday. Our Church always hangs Chrismons on their tree and this year we hung the butterfly. Sunday was also the start of Advent, and we were asked to light the first Advent candle. While Kristoffer was reading the passage, Karter decided he wanted to read too and started "talking". Of course, the whole church started to laugh.

Shortly after this picture, Karter discovered the tree behind him and started to grab for it. He fell back under the tree and stared up in amazement.

Of course we had to include Rascal in the festivities!

Hampton even decorates for Christmas! Okay, the star is up all year round....but it isn't turned on until the day after Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays from Hampton!


Grandma T said...

Maybe it'd be better is Karter DIDN'T learn to crawl before Christmas, or he'll be into that tree in no time! Next year you may have to put it up on a table.

Love you 3! (okay, Rascal...I LIKE you too)

Grandma T

Anonymous said...

a true gift your son, he made me smile and miss my son who is sleeping.