Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowy Day

Saturday was a very cold and snowy day. It was a good thing that we didn't have any plans, because we wouldn't have been able to go anywhere anyway. It was the perfect day for naps on the couch! We did venture out once during the storm so Rascal could run and play in the snow. We can honestly say that we have waist-deep snow....we may be using Karter's wasit to measure, but that is still waist-deep! We probably got 6-8 inches on top of the 2-4 that were already on the ground.

After playing in the snow, and getting our little guy warmed back up, Kristoffer and I decided to make doughnuts. We are trying to start our own family holiday traditions, and this one was a yummy one to start with!

Kristoffer takes his job of icing the doughnuts very seriously! He has had many years of practice icing doughnuts with his Grandma Lois.

I think his favorite part is just licking the icing off his fingers!
(Please ignore the open cabinets in the background!)

There is nothing better to warm you up on a cold winter day than a fresh doughnut and latte! It reminds me of all those winter days sledding at Grandma's and coming back in to warm up! Although, I don't recall her ever serving us lattes!


Sherry said...

Seriously Dana, the Target shirt and could not have planned that any better. They could be your Target Donuts. They look yummy. How did you find time to do that with the lock-in?!

Grandma T said...

YUMMY! Wish I had one right now. As Grandpa Bud says, "They're better now than they ever will be." But I suspect they're gone by now!

See you in 1 week!

Love you all!