Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy 6 Months!

Big boy!, originally uploaded by minnesotagrays.

Today our little man turns 6 months old! It is amazing how quickly time really does go by the older you get. It is hard to imagine our lives without Karter; he has brought so much joy into our lives. I am amazed everyday at how his personality is starting to come out more. He is, and always has been, a very mellow and happy baby. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about how much I love him, and I didn’t even know him 6 months ago!!

We had to go to the doctor today, and unfortunately that meant Karter had to get 4 shots and an oral vaccine. We both got flu shots today and I’m happy to say that I didn’t scream like he did when he got his! Going into the appointment, Kristoffer and I were guessing he weighed about 20lbs. We were off by just a little, he came in today at 19lbs 7oz (83%) and was 28 inches long (93%). Dr. McKenzie was very impressed with Karter’s growth and she couldn’t get over how well he was sitting up! He is developing right on track, hitting all of the milestones. He can…
• Roll over
• Sit-up without support
• Stand-up when held
• Play with his feet
• Laugh, squeal, loves to blow bubbles and do a fake cough to get attention
• Get upset when you take a toy away

Recently he has been eating 2 “solid” meals a day, with vegetables mixed with is dinner, and she recommended that we take it up to 3 meals a day. She also wants us to start introducing him to different fruits. He has really liked all the vegetables he has eaten so far, with squash being his favorite! He will swallow it as soon as it is put into his mouth and then sit there with his mouth wide open waiting for more!

I did get some disappointing news today though. I have been pumping milk for Karter for over 5 months now, and have built up quiet the freezer stash (almost 400 bags!). My goal was to stop pumping once we got back from Indiana in January, and I would have enough in the freezer to make it until his 1st birthday. Then, last month I noticed that most of the bags of milk had white spots on them. So, I thawed some out to test, and the milk stunk! There was no way I was going to feed it to him!! This, among other things, was on my list of questions for Dr. McKenzie. She said that the milk has gone bad, and that I should throw all of the milk away!! Not a big deal really, but it would have been nice to not have to pump everyday.

Anyway…Karter is doing great and will have to go back in 4 weeks for his second flu shot. Click here to check out some picture we took today.

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Grandma T said...

Little Tunkin looks like a prize fighter in that picture! He is a prize...and a fighter too!

Can't believe he's already 6 months old...wow! And an over-achiever already...ha!

Love you!