Friday, December 5, 2008

Snow Day

What is this white stuff?, originally uploaded by minnesotagrays.

This week we got our first snow that is probably going to stick around for awhile. Kristoffer had to break out the snow shovel and salt to clear the driveway, while our neighbors all used their snow blowers. It seems everyone in Minnesota has a snow blower! Anyway...Yesterday afternoon mommy bundled Karter up for his first encounter with the snow! Being in his monkey suit he can't really sit down very well, but we did manage to capture one photo before he fell backwards! He was just looking around trying to figure out what all the white stuff was. The cutest part was when he would wave his arm around, that had been laying in the snow, and the snow would get all over his face. He would make such a confused face! Hope he gets used to the snow....MN has long winters!


Grandma T said...

darling picture of a darling boy!
It's super-cold here (15 degrees...brrr!). You can keep the white stuff in MN!

Craig Barton said...

I'm fairly certain this picture deserves some sort of an award...
So cute.