Friday, December 12, 2008

The Tale of Two Cuties

When I was pregnant with Karter, Kristoffer's mom sent us a package with a bunch of things from when Kristoffer was a baby. It had things like baby blankets people had made for him, the outfit he wore to his first Sunday at church (which Karter proudly wore to church when he was 6 days old!), Kristoffer's first baseball mitt and his first snowsuit. It is fun to have those kids of things around, even if only to get a picture of Karter with them. Here is a little comparison of the two cuties with Kristoffer's snowsuit...

This is my cutie of a husband at 5 weeks old wearing his snowsuit! (Car seats have sure changed a lot!)

And here is my cutie of a son wearing the same snowsuit at almost 6 months! Okay, so Karter is a little bigger than his daddy was, and I couldn't even zip the snowsuit all the way up, let alone get the hood up...and maybe he couldn't straighten his arms and legs out, but he is still a cutie!

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Grandma T said...

I'm surprised it fit at all! When Karter was 5 weeks old it would have fit...and it was 95 degrees outside! But he does look sweet in it!

Love you!