Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Best Buds!

Karter and Rascal love to play with each other. If Karter sees Rascal laying on the floor, he starts laughing and crawls over to get him. The same is true for Rascal, wherever Karter is, he has to be there too. Rascal is also surprisingly gentle with Karter, if he hears Karter whine or cry, he is the first to run to see if he is ok.

Karter has always been interested in Rascal's toys, but I always kind of cringe when he goes around them...they probably aren't the cleanest toys! So last night when he started playing with Rascal's ball I got a little nervous. However, the ball didn't go straight to his mouth, he actually threw it for Rascal to go get. Karter got really excited when Rasc would get the ball, but quickly got mad when he didn't bring it right back! Here is a little video of them playing last night....


Grandma T said...

Such a patient child! And determined!! Where did he get those strong character traits?!

Love you!

Kyler said...

Lefty....I have heard nothing but great things come from lefties! I really want to see you guys. Hopefully I will have an opportunity before you guys come down in June for the big celebration!