Friday, February 27, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane

When Karter was born, Kristoffer's parents made good on a promise! They had always said that if/when they ever drove to MN, they would bring all of Kristoffer's old things. They did just that the week after Karter was born, they brought all of Kristoffer's high school stuff and it sat in our garage until last weekend.

It was fun for Kristoffer to relive some of those old memories. We found LOTS of awards, lots of old love letters, and several old projects that Kristoffer had to read through and tell me about! We found his yearbook from his senior year and enjoyed looking through that. He has told me a lot about what he was like in high school, but he left out one important detail....he was voted "Best Body!" That's right, I'm married to SHS Best Body 2001!!

Here are a few things we found on our journey down memory lane...

There were a lot of jerseys in those boxes!

Kristoffer insisted that we keep these dribbling glasses! Sorry Karter, mommy tried to get rid of them!

Who uses these glasses?

We tried to burn that candle, it was terrible. It could have been because it was 8 years old, who knows!

Kristoffer was/is a huge fan of The Rock. In one of the boxes there was probably 10 shirts with The Rock on them, this is him with his "favorite" shirt. He was adamant that we were keeping them all! He also had about 10-15 figurines, which he set them all out to proudly show me! Yep, had to keep them all too!

We found a lot of old game balls.

In my opinion, the best thing we found the whole time was Kristoffer's baby book. Terry is so organized and was great at keeping track of all of Kristoffer's developmental milestones. We both spent a long time looking through it. That book was amazing...great job Terry!! In the back of the book were a few old photos of a few of Kristoffer's firsts. Here is one of my favorites (not such good quality because it is a picture of a picture), it is Kristoffer when he was 10 days old, going to church for the first time.

And here is a similar picture of Karter at 6 days old going to church for the first time, wearing the same outfit!!


Your favorite M-in-Law said...

Nice post! And I'm SO GLAD it's in your closet now instead of my attic!

See you in 1 week!

Anonymous said...

Dana, aren't you glad I didn't save everything?!

Kamaron said...

absolutely hilarious...haha...all I can say