Friday, February 6, 2009

Week in Review

It has been a pretty quiet week for us this week, but here is what Karter has been up to....


After our morning at the library, we spent the rest of the day cleaning the house. Whenever I am in the kitchen, Karter crawls his way over to me and HAS to be right under my feet. He always tugs on my pant leg wanting to get picked up, it makes it really hard to cook dinner with him under my feet! To help distract him, I have started giving him a snack while I cook, who doesn't have a snack on the kitchen floor!? haha (Not sure why he doens't have pants on.)


One of Karter's new favorite toys is my blue potholder.

He's trying to get the camera! Is he telling me I take to many pictures!?

Tuesday was a special day for us, after a morning of playing, Daddy was able to spend the afternoon with us!! Kristoffer had a store visit close to home at 11, and instead of going back to the office he came home. It was great to have him home during the day. We were able to get our taxes done, and he was able to give Karter a new treat, a biter biscuit. Karter really liked the new snack, but it is messy!! (Sorry, no pics of him eating it.)


With him getting more active, it is getting increasingly more difficult to get him to sit still to eat. On Wednesday, I tried to let him feed himself. It worked for a little bit, until he got distracted by his toys. Looks like I will be holding him for awhile longer. Not that I mind, holding him while I feed him is one of my most favorite times of the day. It reminds me of when he was a little baby...he is growing to quickly. (Must move on...tears are forming in my eyes!)


Lately, one of Karter's favorite activities is to hoard things he thinks he is not suppose to have (i.e. pot holders, his bottle caps and spoons he has thrown on the floor) and play with them under the table. Doesn't that just look like a mischievous grin!!

"I'm coming after you, Mama."


After an outing to the library (yes, again!), Karter decided to have a little snack on his toes before lunch.

I've said it before, but those eyes are SO beautiful!

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Grandma T said...

What a beautiful, ornery little fella! I can't believe how much he has learned and changed just since Christmas!

Your life gets more fun and exciting every day...

Love you!