Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ready for Vacation!

We are ready for a vacation! Kristoffer's family has always vacationed on Emerald Isle in North Carolina. Last year, we weren't able to join the family, because Karter had just been born and Kristoffer was taking our youth group on a mission trip, ironically to North Carolina, the next week. Kristoffer said that missing last year was only the second year that he can remember not going, needless to say we were both very disappointed that we weren't able to go.

Next to our honeymoon to Hawaii, the Gray family vacations to EI are my favorite trips! We weren't able to vacation much when I was growing up, and I jumped at the chance to join the Gray clan Kristoffer and I's second summer together. I feel in love with the beach on that trip!! What's not to love...waking up to the ocean, ending each day with a BEAUTIFUL sunset, eating WAY too much, spending time with AMAZING people, eating crab legs EVERY day for dinner and watching my face turn into one big freckle!!

Last night we booked our plane tickets, which seems to make vacation seem much closer, unfortunately we still have to wait until July. We will be flying to Indiana and then driving the rest of the way with the rest of the family. It will be Karter's first vacation (that isn't to Indiana) and we are excited to see him playing with/eating the sand. It is sure to be another great vacation with our family! Here is a look at some of our past trips....(there aren't any pics of our first trip together, that was pre-digital!)

July 2005 - Newlyweds! The day after we got back from the beach that year, we packed up our moving truck and headed to MN.

2005 - Still kissy newlyweds!

Me - July 2006

Us enjoying a sunset in July 2007.

The annual beach couple picture - July 2007

Kristoffer with his parents and siblings - July 2007

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Terry said...

YAY!!! I can't wait already!!! Just looking at the photos makes me long for the beach. And it'll be SO FUN with Karter this year!

Love you!