Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making (or Seeing) History

On Saturday, we used our Museum Pass to visit the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul for a couple hours. It was actually a pretty fun museum (Dana was pleasantly surprised by this), and we enjoyed learning and seeing more about our state.

Karter was in his carrier, and he enjoyed seeing and touching many of the exhibits. Here are some highlights:

Land of 10,000 Lakes - but there's so much

Did you know that Paul Bunyan and his cast of friends (like Babe the Blue Ox and Sour Dough Sam) are from Minnesota? We will see them this summer when we camp up in Bemidji where they have a HUGE statue of Paul and Babe!!

Did you know that Charles Lindbergh was from Minnesota? Here's a replica of one of his planes.

Minnesota has many strange traditions. One is above - Princess Kay of the Milky Way. Each summer for the State Fair, there is a statewide contest for teenage girls to promote Minnesota's dairy industry. The winner gets her likeness carved in solid Minnesota butter - odd and kinda gross!

Had to put this picture in there - since Grandma Terry loves windmills. We have lots of them in Minnesota! One less that's in use - thanks for stealing it, museum!

Did you know that Greyhound started in Minnesota? Karter and I are boarding the fake bus...where's our destination?

Well...we may be visiting President Mommy (or at least politician Mommy) in Washington, D.C. someday! Here she is posing next to Hubert H. Humphrey, one of Minnesota's famous politicians.

It was a great day - here's Daddy and Karter posing outside with a great view of the state capitol building.

If you come up to visit us, we can now use our Museum Passes to visit many museums and other fun touristy things!

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Mom T said...

Very cool! I didn't know Paul Bunyan was a Minnesotan! Love the windmill! :) And the Greyhound bus destination: INDIANA, of course!

Looks like a neat place. You are SO CULTURED!

Love you all!