Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Fun

This past Saturday, we ventured south to Hayfield to visit our good friends, Johann and Sherry. They have been matched with twins, that should be here any day now, and we wanted to visit with them before the babies are born. They are anxiously awaiting the call from Utah to get out there ASAP, but enjoying a few more kidless days until then.

On Sunday, we went to church and then had youth group in the afternoon. This week we took the kids to volunteer at the Goodwill. It was an interesting experience that the kids really enjoyed. While we were volunteering, Karter got to hang out with Pastor Dave for awhile. They must have played hard, because he came home exhausted.

After a brief nap, it was time to watch the Super Bowl! Karter doesn't get to spend much time in front of the big screen, and he was amazed at watching the football game with us. Not wanting to miss a minute of the action on the big screen, we brought Karter's highchair downstairs. Luckily, only his face got this messy and not our carpet!

While we snacked on homemade guacamole, Karter had his own snack. He quickly realized that our snack looked a lot better than his, and demanded some gaucamole. It was his first time having avacado, and he sure ate a lot of it!

My Gray men spent most of the first half relaxed on the couch together, and kept getting annoyed with mommy for taking so many pictures.

Then it was time for the 3D commercial and we were ready with our 3D glasses.
(Notice in almost every picture, Karter is staring at the TV. He didn't want to miss the game.)

Karter was pretty jealous of my awesome glasses and wanted them for himself!

As usual, it was a great weekend spent with my 2 favorite people, and we were sad to see Monday come so quickly!!

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Grandma T said...

Karter is changing so much in his looks! I can't believe how he's growing up! Sweet as ever...
Love you all!