Monday, February 23, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

This past Saturday, I decided to practice making a cake. Yes, I have made a cake before, but never for Karter! I will be making his birthday cake this summer, and want to make sure that I have all the techniques down. I have always loved the look of fondant, but haven't ever worked with it. After finding a recipe to make it myself, I decided to give it a try on Saturday. For my first time, I think the final product came out pretty tasted good anyway! My plans for Karter's cake also involve something I haven't done before, carving something out of cake. I will be spending the next four months perfecting the cake before our party in June.

When the cake was finished, Kristoffer decided to play photographer. Enjoy his pics of me and the cake!


Your fave mother-in-law said...

Very impressive! Maybe you should open a your free time.

Mom said...

Nice job......and to think you only wanted brownies for your b-day cakes!

Sherry said...

Wow. That is pretty fancy. I am just making a box cake for the birthday's next week...and Holli is making ice cream dessert for baptism! You are making me look bad. :) Let me know if you need anyone to eat any of your sample cakes. I know some good eaters. haha