Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Playdate!

Why is Karter smiling? He is excited for his first playdate!! This week while at "Baby Storytime", I was talking to one of the other mommies and found out that they live in Hampton. Imagine my surprise to actually meet someone that lives in OUR town!! We talked for awhile and exchanged numbers and said that we should set up a playdate.

Our new friends Julie & Henry came over today for lunch. Henry is just a little over a year old and just learned to walk last week. It was fun to watch Karter interact with someone close to his age. It was also a lot of fun to have another mom to talk to! We will be getting together again next week! Yay for new friends!!


Mom said...

Maybe Henry can teach Karter to keep his socks on. Glad you've met someone there in town to visit with. Miss you all!

Sherry said...

What other people live in Hampton?! That is great. I am glad you both found new friends. Can't wait to be able to have our mid-week play dates too...although my kids won't be much for playing for awhile it will still be great to see you!