Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

We had an amazing Thanksgiving with all of the Gray's at our house again this year (more on that later this week). While there was always some excitement going on at our house, some of the big excitement happened when some of us decided to brave the crowds and head to Target for their 5am opening on Friday. With Karterman was still asleep, Grandma and Papaw woke up early to stay with him while Emily, Zach, Kamaron, Anique, Kristoffer and I headed to Target. We weren't expecting what we saw when we got there. "Our" Target isn't really close to any other stores, so we weren't expecting big crowds, but boy were we wrong! When we got in line a little before 5, the line was wrapped around to the back of the building and circling back up to the front of the store.

Once the doors were opened, we didn't make it into the store until 5:07. Inside it was crazy! By the time we were in they had already ran out of carts and people had already purchased their big ticket items (TVs) and were already taking them out to their cars.

We weren't shopping for much, we all just mainly wanted to see what the crowds were like. We all got such a rush from watching all the people around us acting so crazy.

We were all out of the store and back home by 6:10. It was a great outing to people watch, but was just the beginning for the girls! After breakfast, Karter stayed home with all the guys while the girls went back out for round 2!

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Your fave MIL said...

Crazy peeps, I have! I'll get your photo CD sent out in tomorrow's mail.
Love you...and thanks again!