Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Playing by Himself

Karter is a very social little guy and likes to have people on the floor playing with him. He loves to do things to see what your reaction is going to be and if you react positively he will most definitely keep doing it...he loves to make people laugh (and does so on a daily basis!). It is so fun to be on the floor playing with Karter, because you never have any idea where is little imagination is going to go.

However, last week our little social butterfly decided to start playing for awhile by himself! This is a huge deal around here because now I can get a few things done and know that he will go play by himself. I still love getting down to play with him, but that is getting hard for me to do the bigger I get and it is nice to know he likes to play by himself sometimes too.

Here is a short clip of Karterman playing by himself...


Grandma T said...

He has the "patience" and motor skills of his Papaw, but a whole lot cuter!
Him being able to play by himself will sure come in handy when Baby K arrives in a couple (YIKES!) of months!
Love it!

Emily said...

Can't believe how well and long he can squat! AMAZING!!!