Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treating

This Halloween was Karter's first year to have a costume and to go trick or treating. We thought it was super fitting when we found him this cute monkey suit! I have to admit, our little monkey did make the cutest monkey I have ever seen!!

Rascal even got into the Halloween spirit and (reluctantly) dressed up as a pirate. We found his costume last year on clearance for $.99 and thought it would be hilarious for him to wear...he thought otherwise! It was hard to get their attention because they were watching dad come up the stairs dressed as a big banana.

A little monkey with a big banana!

All three of them together. I did not dress up, I was just the mamarazzi for the night, documenting everything.

We loaded our monkey into the wagon and set out to conquer the streets of Hampton.

We tried to take our pirate dog along with us, but he was going crazy with all the kids dressed up so we quickly took him back inside.

Karter loved going up to the houses once he realized they were going to put things into his bucket. (Since Kristoffer's team is in charge of Halloween at work, he was able to borrow his costume for the night. Someone on a different team borrowed it last week and broke the zipper.)

After every house he had to check out his goodies!

Don't let his little eyes fool you, he was loving it. I just wanted to get a picture of my boys together, but other kids were walking by and of course Karter had to check them out.

Again, to busy checking out his stash of candy to smile for a picture!

We only went to the 8-10 houses that we know on our street and then went back to our house to hand out a little bit of candy. We let Karter have a couple of pieces of candy while we waited.

The sugar took effect immediately and he was running laps around the foyer. It was pretty funny, Rascal was chasing him the whole time trying to steal his candy.

At one of the houses they gave out tootsie pops and Karter became obsessed with them. After each house he would assess what new candy he had and then dig out the two suckers to hold onto. He kept searching in his bucket for them, but we didn't really want to have the sticky sucker mess all over his costume.

This is my favorite picture of the night, he is so determined to find his suckers!

He found one, but is sure there is another one in there!

Victory, he found them both!

It was so fun to take our little monkey around town and thankfully we had perfect fall weather!


Grandma T said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!! He's so sweet looking into his pumpkin bucket! He's a sucker maniac!!!

Emily said...

He is definitely the cutest monkey I have ever seen! Loved the pictures!!!

Kyler said...

That looks like a very fun evening. Your little monkey actually got to be one for a day. Kristoffer, the banana costume is priceless.

Joscelynn said...

I love the one with bum up in the air, digging through his treasures. That is just what a monkey would do!