Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time Change = Schedule Change

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As you can tell, this picture is really old! I was looking through old pictures today and started to get all teary eyed about how my little monkey has grown up so much over the last 16 1/2 months. Since today's post is about Karter's new sleeping schedule, I thought I would use one of my favorite pictures of him in his crib from back in February....just look at that chubby face!

Over the past couple of weeks we had been adjusting to Karter's new schedule. He was still going to bed around 7:45pm, but had started to sleep until 8am! I was loving the extra sleep I was able to get and he seemed really happy sleeping in too. With him waking up later, of course he also decided to drop his morning nap and was down to just one 2-3 hour nap after lunch. He was doing great with it, but it was taking me time to get used to it because I use his nap times to get things done around the house. Well, everything changed when the time did! Some people may be happier (Papaw Kim) when the time changes, but this mama is not!! Our whole schedule is all screwed up now. How could one hour make such a difference?! Now, he still goes to bed at the same time, but instead of 8 he has now decided to wake up around 6:15...unacceptable! He hasn't quite figured out how many naps he wants to take a day either. On Sunday he acted tired before church so he went to bed, but didn't sleep for an hour and then napped after lunch. Yesterday I had an appointment and we went to the library in the morning so he only had time for one nap, but was super grumpy most of the day. Now today he is currently on his second nap. Hopefully we can get adjusted soon and get back on a regular schedule!

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Grandma T said...

It's obvious!!! The reason Karter is protesting the time change is because you all were already on the RIGHT time and now you're on the wrong time while WE'RE on the right time. Karter is truly just like his Papaw Kim...they want to be on the RIGHT time all year long!

Hopefully, Karter'll be a little more willing to reset his biological clock than his Papaw...

Love you!